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We take Ecommerce Businesses from GOOD to MAGNIFICENT Using specific Ecommerce SEO Strategies.


We aspire to be the last agency you'll ever work with.

Our Process:

Technical Audit

get your website ready to be crawled and indexed by search engine

Competition Analysis

Do an SEO competition analysis than involves an SWOT analysis in the process. 

Keywords Discovery

Ideation sessions to discover all the patterns used to find your product.

Links Acquisition

acquire high quality links to help you rank specific pages.

Why We do eCommerce SEO?

We know how hard it is to focus on PPC, Social Media Ads, Sales Fluctuations, Customer Loyalty, CRO, and so many more, letting you stagnate at a certain level of scale.

We help you add more sales, build your Email List, have better Conversion by targeting ready to buy customers who already look for your products through search engines, that will give you the cash flow and the ability to focus on teams management, customer support, and compute on the product levels.

We know that each platform has its environment, pros & cons, that’s why we do treat each platform differently.

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What Does eCommerce SEO Mean Exactly?

SEO, in general, is the art of getting people who use specific keywords to search for your products on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more) to your website.

But how does eCommerce SEO in Australia defer from that, SEO for any shopping website needs specific knowledge to optimize the website technically based on the technologies used to build it, and not to look only at the search volume of the keyword but also the quality of it and that will be by defining the intent of the keywords used.

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Why You Should Invest In Your Ecommerce Business SEO?

According to a study done by SEMrush tells us that 37.5% of all traffic coming to eCommerce websites come from search, which makes you stop and think, that there might be a massive portion of people that might be interested in our products.

And wait, you might consider using PPC which is also a performance marketing channel you should invest in, but another study from Moz & Jumpshot found that SEO has 20X more traffic opportunities than PPC on both mobile & desktop, that's why investing in SEO might be a big differentiator on your marketing strategy.

SEO should be considered as a long-term strategy where you focus on the needs and pain points your audience already looking to solve, and if done using white hat techniques, the returns from it will last longer than other marketing channels.

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How SEO can help empower your Paid Channels?

A study by nChannel says that 44% of people start their online shopping with a search engine, Which means if you appeared at their first search you do have their data to retarget them across different channels and that will decrease your cost per customer acquisition cost and keep you a step ahead of your competition.

Also, that will increase your authoritativeness and increase trust signals on your brand, and customers will likely be more interested to buy from you if they see you at different places.

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What‘s Included in Our eCommerce SEO Strategy?

market analysis

Market Exploration:

At this stage, we get to discover the business ins and outs, by doing the required competition analysis and how the competition stands in SEO, know what are the achievable goals we can get you, then do forecasting for the results you can achieve in a certain period.

After that, we create a well-studied SEO-driven buyer persona, which shows who’s searching for your products, what they want, and which patterns they use to buy products so that we can simulate the best experience for them.

Technical Deep Dive:

Here we dig deeper to find all the technical problems that any eCommerce business should avoid when doing SEO, and most of the time we find that something is missing.

We start by making sure that your eCommerce website is properly accessible for search engines by detecting all the crawling, indexing, rendering and UX issues detected during browsing your website, and you often didn’t recognize these issues because those are for people with special needs.

Then we go to different duplicate content issues and this process is different from one platform to another because there are different generated URLs in each one.

technical analysis

Plan Mapping

Here we set the Strategy for detailed keyword research, going side by side with mapping keywords to URLs, based on what Google shows us for keywords we want to rank for and the keywords the competition is using.

After that, we start creating content that will be mostly categorized into different types based on your business needs, we might focus on educational use cases of your products, or content to earn links when doing outreach campaigns and we might use comparison with big competitors with clear specification of the business positioning and strength.

Links Acquisition

This phase is going to be about promoting either the business home page in general from media stories or pieces of content that we have created to drive links and build authority.

link building

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eCommerce SEO Services?

Ecommerce SEO service is the process of making your store optimized for search engines so that they can easily crawl, index, and define what your website is about, that's was a simple explanation of the technical part of it.

Then there is the On-page SEO which is responsible for making your store pages content, headings optimized for certain keywords that you target.

Lastly, Off-Page SEO is channeled toward promoting your website across the web by building high-quality relevant links.

How much does eCommerce SEO cost?

Ecommerce SEO prices defer to three main types, Retaining pricing, and when you have to pay month to month for certain deliverables and a goal you have set together and it usually goes from 2000$ to 1M$ depending on the business size.

The second type is project-based pricing where you set the required work to be delivered within a timeframe, this type is usually from a person who does SEO himself or a person who knows SEO, he just doesn’t have the time.

Lastly, there is hourly charged type pricing, and usually, SEO hourly rate starts at 50$ per hour and can go to 300$ per hour.

At MadeBySEO we do all types, Also provide short-term specific plans based on the business situation and what they really need at the point they reached out to us.

Is SEO Good for my eCommerce Business?

First thing, If you are going to consider SEO as your first go marketing channel before any type of performance marketing channel, you should have proof of product-market fit.

Because if you didn’t know that there are people who buy your products not only searching for them, we are going to spend money, time, and effort to get you that traffic and end up having no sales.

So to invest in SEO, you should make sure that you have that in place first then consider investing in SEO with proof that if you get people to come to your website from search engines they will buy.

Can I do SEO in-house?

Yes, you can do SEO in-house but to do SEO for your business, you have to build a team that will do that, or learn it for yourself then hire VAs to help you with execution.

The benefit of hiring an agency is that you have better expertise with less price, and the ability to execute tasks at speed.

Am I obligated to pay Monthly for SEO?

No, as discussed before there are many SEO pricing types, you can choose what fits you the most, but during the discovery call, we are going to advise on what type will work for you.

Often, that will be related to the competition, so if you are in a competitive industry we might have to choose a long approach because it might take a longer period to see results.

But, we will advise you based on your business situation on which offer you have to go with.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes, we do, let’s be honest no one can guarantee that he can get you to the first position neither do we, But we believe that you should get at least an 80% refund if you didn’t get the results we have promised based on the forecasting we do.

But where is the 20%? that will go to the staff hired and the hours they put in to help  your business to rise with good intentions?

What does eCommerce SEO Work Involve?

Our SEO is split into three main axes, technical SEO and this done in the first month of our agreement which deal with all the technical and on-page SEO issues your business have, then we do content SEO and that include a content marketing strategy for the next 6 months for your business.

Lastly, there is link building and here we focus to get you high-quality links from high authority sources related to your niche, using white hat outreach campaigns.

How Do I Choose an eCommerce SEO Agency?

Look for an agency that is proven to do white hat strategies that drive long-term gains and that you are not going to lose traffic once they left you, that is why you should always ask about their deliverables and how they are going to achieve what they said they can achieve.