10 of the best Magento SEO Extensions[Free & Paid]

Magento comes with a massive set of features that allows businesses to implement the best SEO optimization to their stores with massive control, but it also misses a lot of features that hold many eCommerce websites from getting the Magento SEO game to the next level and getting the organic traffic they deserve.

SEO extensions are meant to solve multiple issues not provided by the default Magento setup, including faceted navigation, paginations, URL Rewrites, custom canonical tags, and many other features that you need when doing an SEO audit.

But before diving into the list let us define what is an SEO extension for those who don’t know it, and if there is any difference between Magento and Magento 2 SEO extensions (if you know go to the list).

What is a Magento SEO extension?

You can see it as a tool that is meant to help you solve a specific issue which you can buy from the Magento marketplace or bring from an external source, these tools are developed by Magento specialized developers who understand how the platform works and the problems merchant face while using it.

Most Magento extensions are paid and that's due to the amount of work they need to be developed, and sometime we could find some SEO Module that is free but they usually do a basic feature that you can do

Why do you Need an SEO extension for your Magento website?

You have limited time, money & resources, so if you want to solve the SEO issues yourself that will cost you time to learn many skills to implement certain tasks, or you need to hire a highly-skilled Magento developer that will solve all those issues for you.

Instead, you can install a Magento SEO extension that will help you solve all those issues and save you the headache of running through all of that.

10 Best Magento SEO extensions list:

advanced SEO Suite Ultimate extension:[Paid]

SEO suite handles many SEO problems in Magento regarding On-page and technical SEO issues and gives you the ability to modify meta tags, refine your eCommerce website architecture, avoid duplicate content, and so on.

Here is a list of the SEO features that you can do using this extension:

Accessibility (Crawling & Indexing):

Controle how search engines crawl your website and which pages you should give the ability to be crawled.

SEO Template for Products:

Have the ability to change any aspect related to SEO for your product page URL, titles, meta description, and more manually and automatically.

SEO Template for Category:

Have the ability to change any aspect related to SEO for your category pages manually and automatically.

Internal Links:

Automatically build internal links between category pages, blog posts, and category pages, so pass link juice between pages.

Duplicate Content handling:

Given the ability to handle all types of canonical tags between product pages and generated category and buying pages, Magento gives you the ability to solve all those issues.

Layered Navigation:

Layered navigation could be tricky in Magento because of the number of pages gets generated from filters but the SEO suite gives you full control over how you want to set it.


If you have an international store you need to tell google which languages are used on the language version of the website, this feature allow you to add an hreflang tag.

Rich Snippets:

Rich snippets help google define what your website is about quickly and increase your CTR on SERP because of the attention your listing will have on google.

Pagination handling:

The ability to Noindex, Nofollow pagination.


Specify how you want each redirect type to be 301, 302, or anything else and you can do that manually or automatically for a set of pages.


Add breadcrumbs to pages and chose how you want to display them

HTML & XML Sitemaps:

Create XML & HTML sitemaps.

Super Easy SEO:[Free]

Super Easy SEO is considered a good FREE alternative for an SEO suite that will help you do almost all the needed SEO work.

Product SEO Template:

Category SEO Template:

Duplicate Content Handling:

Structured Data Markup:

Crawling & Indexation:

Content Quality Audit:

Auto Alt tags:

Robots Meta Tags:

Sitemap Generation:

Internal links:

Redirects Management:

SEO Friendly Images:[Paid]

This plugin is especially for images that can make or break your website speed, that's why it’s very important, and the main feature of this extension is that it gives you the ability to rename your images and give them a descriptive name that will increase your online store traffic through google images.

SEO Meta Templates:[Paid]

This SEO extension is meant to help websites with a large number of products automate On-page SEO tasks for all those pages.

So you can templatize product and category pages' SEO meta tags so that you implement them on all those types of pages.

SEO Cross Links:[Paid]

Internal links are crucial on all websites and they are a necessity if you want to distribute link juice across all your pages and give them the ability to rank, SEO Cross Links come to serve this exact purpose.

It gives the ability to links any keyword with a certain link, so you can automatize that across many pages.

URL Rewrite Regeneration:[Paid]

the URL Rewrite Regeneration extension will give you the ability to rewrite a large set of URLs automatically so instead of /product/view/id you can have friendly keyword-optimized URLs with your keyword on the title and not far from the directory page.

Unique Product URL:[Paid]

The main purpose of this extension is to give you the ability to use a product URL with no category name on the URL, and that will make you use fewer depth URLs which is good and give you the ability to use friendly short URLs.

You can use Unique Product URL, to avoid duplicate content issues on product and category page levels.

SEO Manager by Webkul:[Paid]

SEO Manager is All In One SEO management extension that has many features that help you make your website search friendly and here are the feature included:

Rich Snippets:

Add structured data markups to your products and category pages.

Robots.txt Modification:

Modify through the plugin the robots.txt file.

Sitemap HTML:

Create HTML and XML sitemaps.

404 Log Notifications:

Receive notifications whenever there is a 404 status code on your website.

SiteLinks Recommendations:

It will give you hints on how you can get Sitelinks on google search results.

Social Sharing:

Help you share your product's URL on social media.

SEO Toolkit By Amasty:[Paid]

The SEO Toolkit by Amasty, it’s meant to automate the time-wasting tasks and related to SEO, some of the features include:

  • Pagination controle and redircets (301, 302, …)
  • Automate rich snippets building for all your pages
  • Meta SEO tags automation for all your product and category pages
  • Duplicate content handling
  • Automated internal and external Linking;
  • Automatically generate HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Give you SEO Analysis for your website.

SEO Images Alt Tags:[Paid]

Image alt tags are a great help for your website content context and adding them to your images is a big help for search engines to understand your pages and images.

SEO Images Alt Tags is helping you add alt tags to all your eCommerce websites.


An SEO plugin for Magento could make your processes a lot easier and help you do a lot in a very short time period that will cost you a lot of money if you want to hire a developer to do it just for you, So as long as the extension doesn't affect your website speed and performance give it a try, Also I want to let you know what is web accessibility, and how it could help you improve the accessibility of your Magento store.

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