Magento SEO Services

From long-term to short-term goals, We know our way around Magento SEO 2 & 1. We use cutting-edge industry best practices and tools to take your eCommerce business from good to great.

We work closely with you & your team to understand your business, create a specific organic search strategy all guided by unparalleled research unique for your brand.

Get Magento SEO Agency to help you

There are multiple ways to do SEO on your business, But why an SEO agency is the best choice?


If you think that hiring an SEO agency is expensive, I want to say that you’re right. But hiring a Magento specialized organic search agency will free up your time, add more cash flow to nurture the business, and give you the ability to focus on other areas of your business.


Second choice is to learn SEO yourself and add it to your marketing knowledge stack, starting with buying courses and learning new technologies which will come with more time and money investment and will never have the work finesse you will have with an agency.


Third choice you might consider hiring full in-house staff to do the work, but, firstly you don’t have the necessary knowledge to hire good SEOs, plus you don’t want to spend your time micro-managing this stuff, let knowledgeable Magento experts give you the luxury of watching things get done without having to worry about anything.

How do we do Magento SEO?

We can summarise our process into 4 main phases, each phase needs a special treat.

competition Analysis

Competition Analysis:

Often clients come to us confused about how their competition always has better results, think about trying your best to make everything right by investing in great content, buying links, but still, there is a missing part.

Fortunately, that will not last long, as an experienced SEO for Magento stores you have to know where to look and that is what we do.

We start a deep dive SEO analysis for all the competition out there to know what are their strength and weaknesses when it comes to SEO which gives us a clear vision of where to shift our focus to out beat them.

Technical Coverage:

We start here with an in-depth technical SEO audit meant to reveal all the issues the website has, the audit will cover every little issue the website has.
But we don’t want to waste time looking at every little issue, good SEOs find the hidden issues, great ones know what to prioritise so that we don’t spend a decade on the things which will not lead to positive results.


Vision Mapping:

Here where we craft a personalised SEO strategy for your business, creating a content marketing strategy and which pages need to be created to target new keywords, which pages need to be optimised and that includes category and product pages which are tied to detailed keyword research, mapping keywords to URLs.

Content Distribution:

Some love to call it link building, But, I love to call it SEO-driven content distribution because we are going to find the best websites to get you exposure, we get links from highly relevant websites with high-quality content that will never result in your website getting penalised.

Define Where You Currently Stand

Do you know where your eCommerce Business SEO is Heading in 2022 in Australia?

SEO-Driven Buyer Persona

Creating an SEO-driven Buyer persona will help us define who searches for your products, and how we could best serve them when they land on the website so that they keep coming back which is considered as a quality signal for Google.

Know Your Biggest Competitors

Knowing your biggest competitors from an SEO standing point will help us see what works for them and how much time it took them to be there, so that can help us have a clear vision of where are we going and how much time we’ll need to get to that level.

Your SEO Journey

Well, if you have started doing SEO is going to be a lot easier because your pages are already out there on google they just need to be optimized either technically, on-page, or add some links to them to start getting some traction.

If you are at the early stages of your SEO efforts, we got you too. We will need a longer time period to start seeing results, but we will get you in front of your customers as fast as possible.

What Success will Look Like

We like to have a goal that is going to add cash flow to the business like I would like to increase sales on a certain category of the website, or in certain products, that will help us shift our focus towards this area and work on improving it as much as we can.

Being specific about the results you want to achieve will help us steer the wheel towards that exactly and get directly through that goal, and optimize all of our work to help you achieve that goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento SEO?
Magento SEO is the process of optimizing an eCommerce store built on Magento CMS to be search engine friendly and get more organic visits from google, bing, yahoo, etc.
is Magento good for SEO?
Yes, when optimized properly and get all the technical issues fixed, Magento is very powerful for SEO, especially with the great URL structure built in the system and the ability to optimize almost any part of SEO.

The main challenge for Magento eCommerce stores is duplicate content from different faceted navigation, Id URLs, and many other generated pages.
How to optimize SEO on Magento?
Optimizing SEO in Magento has no differences from other stores, but the Magento on the technical side of it has specific problems that we need to solve and work on, but for the on-page, almost everything is the same as any other store.

Then comes the link-building optimization for Magento which exactly the same as any other eCommerce store that we try to build links for.
What is the SEO Difference between Magento 1 & Magento 2?
The main differences between Magento 1 and 2 is that on Magento 2 there is better architecture, friendly dashboard, and better speed and all of that makes it better at SEO.
Do I need to invest in an SEO Agency?
Investing in an SEO Agency is an investment in your business growth, it's a partnership that should make your business thrive and decrease the work and management load from your schedule to focus on other areas of your business.