What Is Special About a Magento SEO Audit?

A Magento SEO audit specifically is the process of analyzing a website from different aspects and parts to find all the issues that this website has technically, content-wise, and externally(Backlinks), all making sure that this aligns with google guidelines.
For Magento stores, you should know where to look and what are the specific parts that you should be aware of on each website, which will give you a full vision of which fixes should be prioritized and which one should be delayed based on their expected impact.

What does the Magento SEO Audit include?

Technical Audit:


We will make sure that your website is easily accessible to search engines and easy to navigate for users.

Architecture Issues:

Your website structure is very important for your success so having the right URLs in place is mandatory for your success.

Structured Data:

Analyze your website structured data on all the pages and see if there are any issues or any plus that will help you.

International SEO Issues:

If you have multiple language websites, your store needs special care regarding how you should represent pages and some duplicate content that could be generated from that.

Duplicate Content:

Making sure that your website has no duplicate content is a technical problem because there are many pages generated by the server and especially in Magento duplicate content is an of the biggest problems that could be holding you back


The right images optimization means faster loads and google loves fast websites, we will give you what are the issues with your images and how you should fix them.

On-Page Audit:

Meta Tags:

All the meta tags should be there in the right order, in the right place, and using the right amount of text on each meta tag.


Most of the websites miss the right structure for their heading, we make sure that you have the right headers in place.

Structured Data:

We make sure that all your structured data is set on the right way and that there are no issues that could cause any misreading by search engines.

Internal Linking:

There is a huge power in internal links, you need to make sure you have the right links distribution between your pages.

Content Audit:

Content is a piece of the puzzle that should be well analyzed, then see how this content should be structured on your pages, detect thin content pages, which pages need content, and which paragraphs should be added to see better rankings.

Google Analytics Setup Issues:

One of the things we find miss implemented is GA setup, we will make sure you have that right in place.

GSC Analysis:

Here is meant to analyze all your coverage issue pages, Google crawl bots to see how they deal with the website, and all the issues google advises you to do and tell you the reason behind each one and how you could fix it.

Link Audit:

Malicious Backlinks:

You might most of the technical setup correctly, but the thing that might be holding you back is some hidden malicious backlinks that are meant to be sent to your website, by a competitor or randomly built, we will help you detect the issue, and advise on how to overcome it.

Anchors Texts Analysis:

Analyze your anchor text ratio to see if you have over-optimized any page in terms of link building.

What is Special About Our SEO Audit?

We are not only giving a spreadsheet:

We will not send you a spreadsheet with this is failed, passed and warning marks, we don’t work like that, you will get a special, basic, and well-explained doc.

This is not an Ahref or SEMrush Extracted Report:

We will not send you any report generated by any tool and claim that this is an audit like many agencies do, this is not an audit even. It might help but in most cases, you will still have many issues to deal with.

20-50 pages SEO audit:

We try not to pass 30 pages mostly because we have found that this is the best norm.

Our audit includes all the aspects discussed before and will explain each one with specific details on what are the reason for it being there and how to solve it.

What you will find is prioritization, which is about detecting the 20% that's most likely will have the 80% of the impact on your website, in that term will save you time and

How our Audit is Structured:

The way we represent the audit defines how fast it will be implemented that's why we try to help your developers the most to make it easy for them to implement and solve all the issues you have on your Magento store, we follow these three steps

Issue Explanation:

We try to give you a detailed explanation of the issue using simple language terms that you could understand easily or explain jargon is used.

Reason Behind:

For each issue mentioned we try to give you the reason behind it and how it got appeared and what is causing it to appear so that you will not fall into it next time.

Preferred Solution:

Give each issue the best solution that will save you resources(time & money).

Results of Implementing Our Technical Suggestions:

First Client:

when this client approached us he thought he needs backlinks to see better results, but we have found that he has a staging subdomain crawled and indexed by Google, by fixing only that the website got from 9000 visits per day to 15,000 per day in only 10 days.

Magento Technical seo analytics

Second Client:

This is a website that approach us with him being on the fourth page for more than 3 years and he didn’t know how to figure it out, when we fixed all the duplicate content issues he has, he has landed on the first page for all his best 6 keywords that he approached us for

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