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We do search engine optimisation for your Shopify store in plain sight, using only white hat techniques that have proven to bring more visitors buyers to your money pages.

What is a Shopify eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO for Shopify is no different than the regular SEO for any given store, it is just that a Shopify SEO expert has to be aware of the platform's built-in features and technical issues and how to fix them, so the biggest difference lies in the Shopify technical SEO side of things.

For the On-Page SEO part, it’s the same optimization process for organic visitors as any other optimization for any given eCommerce business, the same thing for the Off-Page SEO aspect AKA link building which plays a big role in determining the success of your store.

SEO Strategy to Improve Your Organic Search

Our SEO strategy is in-depth well tested fully of tactics that we have seen success with before, and it’s divided into 5 stages:


Discovery Phase:

Here we get to discover your positions on Google, your competition, and what they are doing to get good results and see how we can beat them or take a portion of the market.


Technical Base:

Here we make sure that your website is crawled and indexed properly from google bots, and make sure that there are no other SEO-related technical issues regarding duplicate content, if we found any those are the first things we work on solving.


On-page Corrections:

Here we take all the store pages and determine which keywords they are meant to rank for using a detailed keyword to URL mapping approach, and start optimizing those pages for those keywords, this is a quick way to see some results.


Content Marketing Plan:

Here we will work on a detailed content marketing strategy that’s focused on the keywords you don’t appear on mainly and the pain points your products solve, and try to prove how your products will solve the problem your customers face.

Another approach for our content marketing strategy is optimizing your category pages for the bottom of the funnel keywords that we know that people search for something to buy when using them.


Link Building:

Here we focus mainly on getting high-quality links from relevant websites to your niche that seems natural to you and to google and will not get you penalised even after a 100 year.

competition Analysis

Get a Shopify SEO Expert Service:

You might think that you want to take an SEO course and start doing SEO yourself for your store as the owner or as a marketing manager at your company, and once you started you find yourself on a vast ocean of information not knowing what exactly to implement, which thing should I apply first, and that will cost you time energy and increase your stress levels to the roof.

Or you might be thinking let me hire internal staff that will do SEO only for my brand, but we know that hiring a great SEO consultant requires a big salary because they’re often doing the agency work or managing their own websites, which will be double the cost of investing on a good Shopify SEO service that is going to outperform all the above choices, free up your schedule, better sleep and better results.

But, choosing an SEO service to go with has to be done carefully because you don’t want to hire an SEO agency that doesn’t show you what they are doing step by step and where your campaigns are going, and which type of link they are going to build for your website if a company doesn’t want to share this type of information that gives a big alert that they might be doing something wrong so be careful with that.

Seize our Shopify SEO service:

Why do you have to seize the opportunity and go with our Shopify SEO service? HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY & RESULTS.

This is what matters for us being honest with you about the kind of results you can get with your store based on the forecasting we do and the market volumes we find.

Being transparent with the implementation at every stage of the campaign and giving you the ability to see every step and what we will do at it.

Results and this is the most important thing if we didn't bring buyers to your store who are ready to buy your products, we were just frittering away resources, time, and money.

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seize our shopify seo

Use Our Expertise to Your Favor:

As SEO consultants for Shopify, we know exactly what needs to be done after auditing your website, not only that but we know what should be prioritized and what should be delayed, that will help us focus on the things that will bring the fast and most ROI, from the time and effort we spend optimizing the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopify good for SEO?

Yes, Shopify is putting so much investment in making the platform more search engine friendly and they keep listening to merchants on the platform about what they should add to their platform consistently.

As there are many Shopify stores that have a good presence over google search which is the best proof that Shopify is good for SEO.

How much does Shopify SEO cost?

Shopify costs are mainly tied to your situation and no one can determine exactly what is the cost to do SEO for your store, but in general, doing SEO for Shopify stores will start from 2500$ per month for small stores to 100,000$ for large stores with hundreds or thousands of products.

But in the end, it all depends on the agreement between the service provider and the business owner.

Do you guarantee my success?

We will do our best to get you the best results, your success is a social proof case study for us, and it might be a testimonial from you, so investing in your success is an investment in the success of our agency.

But we can give only a probability of success as we will tell you that your website has a 90% chance to achieve certain results that we determine based on our forecasting.

How much time does it take to see results?

This is based on the competition on your niche, but often when the niche is so competitive we chose to go with two strategies at the same time, the first one is optimizing for low-difficulty keywords AKA long-tail keywords which will bring some fast results(3-5 months).

The second strategy is that we optimize for the more competitive keywords on our way up, so when we rank for the lowest competition keywords and have that initial trust we will optimize for more competitive keywords.

What does your Shopify work involve?

Our Shopify work involves forecasting for your success, in-depth technical SEO audit(20-25 pages), working with you hand on hand to solve all the technical issues on your store, solving all the on-page SEO problems, optimizing the existing pages for better UX, then we start looking for new keyword opportunities and build pages for those keywords if needed, then produce content for those pages.

After that is time to promote this content on your page and here we start link-building campaigns.

How do you Track results?

Do we get to see the ongoing work you do?

Yes, a core principle for us is being transparent with you and making you aware of 100% of all the work being done on your website, so even if you chose to change us or work on your store alone with little guidance from us you can do that using our strategies.

Do you report the results?

We have two reports, a Bi-Monthly report which includes all the work involved in your store in the last 15 days and a monthly report which sums up all the monthly results and the work done during the whole month.