Wordpress WooCommerce SEO Agency

We work on your store as if it’s our, get you in shape for search engine.

How We Do eCommerce Wordpress SEO?

High-quality Consulting Services:

Our woo-commerce experts will exactly provide you with the needed information you need to focus on to see the traffic chart going up, dealing with different plugins not knowing which to keep and which to deactivate, wasting time to optimize the wrong place on your store, all that will be from the past when you contact us, and we will save you months if not years of dealing with that yourself.

WordPress is a great platform to build your eCommerce business on. However, not having the right expertise to guide you while building your store and helping you to get things done you will miss your whole store and end up not knowing where to start.

Give Woocommerce experts the leash to drive more sales:

Choosing to work with a woo-commerce expert is a way to get the secret sauce for your eCommerce store to surge above the competition and finally get to the first page you have been dreaming of.

Let me tell you that being at the top was never easy and that there is always something special in every niche to stay ahead of your competition, prior to that there is a lot of research and competition analysis to know what is your competition focus to be at the first page of google.

woocommerce seo strategy

WordPress Woocommerce SEO strategy Build:

Knowing what your competition does is not enough, the hardest part is replicating what they have done so that you be on the first page as well, to do that we need to build an SEO strategy that will take you from nothing to something in the shortest period possible.

Ecommerce SEO strategies are often the same built with no special look at what your eCommerce website needs, that's why most agencies don’t work to achieve goals for all of their clients, but having a unique look at your industry, observe how your customer behave when visiting your website, knowing what they want by searching certain keywords and helping them get what they want, will put you at the first page.

Effective Woocommerce SEO service:

Woo-commerce SEO effectiveness is the crucial part you have to look at, having a ton of traffic with 0.5% conversion from your organic store while you have from paid traffic +2% conversion is a red flag that you are going after the wrong keywords and optimizing for the wrong intent.

Having a blog with 90% informative content which have no buying intent is not going to help you drive what keeps your business going which is sales, but building a content strategy with the core goal of targeting those middle and bottom of the funnel keywords is what will help you warm those visitors and convert them immediately as new clients.

That's why we built our whole SEO services for woo-commerce websites with the main goal of increasing revenue.

seo ecommerce results

SEO Company For Your wooCommerce Store:

We might be the right company to go with if you focus to measure tangible KPIs(sales, new customers), not focusing on vanity metrics that don’t mean much for your business.

We have cases where some clients what to work on increasing their brand awareness over the search, here we focus to target as much informative content as possible with a strategy to link from those informative pages to money pages properly without pushing the visitors and damaging the whole experience for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woocommerce SEO?

Woo-commerce SEO is the process of optimizing your WordPress eCommerce website for a
Search engine to get more visitors to your website which lead to more sales from the people
interested in your products.

Is Woocommerce good for SEO?

Yes, woo-commerce is a good choice if you consider investing in SEO, you have the full ability to optimize your store the way you want, giving you the ability to modify any code on the website.

Do you need an agency for your WordPress eCommerce business?

You can start doing SEO yourself just by watching tutorials and basic SEO help from blogs and youtube videos, but if you want to get your traffic to a better level you should hire an expert SEO agency to do it for you.

What are the results you can get with a Woocommerce SEO agency?

This depends on the market size and the search volumes in your industry, in our case we have forecasting that will tell you what are the results to expect from your SEO investments.

What do your services include?

Our service is a full package including a whole technical audit for your website, competition analysis, market volume analysis, keyword research, on-page SEO, content marketing plan, and link building.

How much time will take to see results?

This also depends on the competition in your niche, in our case we will give you a timeframe in which you will start to see results in your marketing efforts.